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    Dacheng Biotechnology
    We look forward to your joining us

    Purification Engineer

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the purification and freeze-drying of enzymes, antigens, antibodies, and other products;

    2. Development of new purification process and improvement of existing purification process;

    3. Preparation of relevant documents;

    4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

    Application requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above, and those with rich experience in university are also welcome;

    2. Major in bioengineering;

    3. Have a strong sense of responsibility, work rigorously and meticulously;

    4. Have a good team spirit.

    Cell Line Development Engineer

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for participating in the optimization and development of recombinant monoclonal antibody expression system based on CHO cells;

    2. Cell transfection (transient, stable), stable cell line screening, upstream cell culture process development, etc.;


    1. College degree or above, with more than 1 year of experience in the development of CHO cell lines and cell culture processes in the biotechnology industry is preferred;

    2. Experience in genetic engineering construction, molecular cloning, vector optimization, CHO cell suspension culture is preferred;

    3. Have a certain ability in Chinese and English literature retrieval, reading, and experimental design;

    4. Serious work, a practical, strong sense of responsibility, and a strong sense of teamwork;

    5. Excellent fresh graduates can be recruited.

    Biochemical Diagnostic Reagent Developer

    Job description:

    Debugging of biochemical diagnostic reagent projects;

    Responsible for the evaluation of reagents and the technical support of products;

    Responsible for kit production transformation and quality improvement;

    Responsible for the evaluation of self-produced raw materials (enzymes, antigens, antibodies);

    Pinggu the present graduating year students are given priority. 

    Molecular Biology R&D Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Literature review, experimental design

    2. Construct a recombinant vector according to the scheme, and express it through large intestine sensory and yeast;

    3. Use AKTA to purify the expressed protein and identify the protein properties;

    4. Communicate with the reagent department to conduct a simple performance evaluation of the purified protein;

    5. Improvement of product quality problems;

    6. Other tasks assigned by the unit

    Job requirements:

    1. Postgraduate degree or above in molecular biology-related major;

    2. Diligent, practical, proactive, and a strong sense of responsibility, with relevant work experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. is preferred;

    3. Can quickly invest in and cooperate with the company's R&D and production of various projects, and currently can independently develop new products as a priority;

    Safety Production Manager

    Job description:

    (1) Enforce work safety laws, regulations, national standards, and industry standards;

    (2) Assist in the formulation of safety production rules and regulations and safety technical operation procedures;

    (3) Carry out safety production inspections, promptly investigate and deal with potential accidents and violations, and urge relevant business departments to make rectifications promptly;

    (4) Open safety production publicity, delivery, and training, and summarize and promote safety production experience;

    (5) Regularly report the safety production situation to the main person in charge of the unit;

    (6) Other duties assigned by the production and operation unit.

    Sales Engineer

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the sales of the company's products (in vitro diagnostic reagents, antibody antigens, enzyme preparations), actively developing new customers, and developing new sales channels and customers;

    2. Communicate with customers to send products according to customer orders, and follow up on the use of customer products to confirm further cooperation.